Want To See Your Industries MOST PROFITABLE Internet Marketing Strategies - Their MOST SUCCESSFUL Ad Campaigns - Their TOP PRODUCING Sales Funnels - For FREE? 

Get Your FREE Competitive Intelligence Report  Now!

Let me tell you what you're getting FREE !

I'm going to do a complete Competitive Intelligence Analysis for you that will uncover your Industries Most Profitable Internet Marketing Strategies.

- Their most successful Ad Campaigns

- Their Top Producing Sales Funnels

By uncovering what's actually working in the market place, we'll save you thousands of dollars in money, time and research.

Once we know what the competition is up to... 

We'll design a custom marketing blueprint showing you step by step,  what you need to do to take your business to the next level.

- We do this by reviewing your website

- Reviewing your current offers

- Reviewing your copy

- And mapping out your current sales process

Grey Delivered everything he promised and more...

Grey was great all the way through the process. He cold called me which I normally hang up on but he offered a great deal and I was very skeptical but decided to trust him. He delivered everything he promised and more

 Craig Paulson    Craig  Paulson  Photography New York NYesigner

Then we combine all of our research...

To design a custom marketing campaign that's specific to your business and when we're done, we give you a complete custom blueprint...

Showing you exactly how your new campaign works.

Here's some examples of Blueprints we've recently built.

You're probably wondering WHY would we be doing all this for Free?

Well in the interest of complete transparency...

This is how we get clients.

Instead of trying to convince you how great it is to work with us

I prefer to help you in advance for free

And let the "experience" do the selling for me...

After you get your free blueprint one of these three things will happen.

The first possibility is you think the blueprint is no good and that we wasted your time.

This has never happened.

But in the event you think your time was wasted... 

I'll immediately send you $100 for the hour or so we've spent together.

The second possibility is, you might decide to use the blueprint to build the new campaign by yourself.

If that's the case I'll wish you the best of luck and be happy to have helped you.

The third (and most common) scenario is...

That you're so thrilled with the blueprint that you ask to become a client.

Here's how that works...

The campaign that we map out for you usually looks something like this

It's going to be built from a combination of what we call the 10 Steps to Profit.

First we recommend what you should do to your website to rank higher and make more organic sales. (Free traffic)

 - We build your Optin Forms

 - We build your Order Forms

 - We setup your Follow up System

 - We setup your Auto Responders

 - We build your Web Pages

 - Your Video Pages

 - Your Sales Pages

 - Your Webinar Pages

 - Your Upsell pages

Literally everything you need...

 - This includes your email copy

 - Your auto responder copy

 - Your optin copy

I've covered every angle so you don't have to !

But that's not all...

Once your campaign is ready for blast off, we integrate your campaign into the most profitable sales channels your competitors are already using.

Might be Facebook, Google Display Network, Groupon or YouTube. 

We won't know until we generate the Competitive Intelligence Report.

Plus we meet with you every month to help you with anything you need, answer your questions and update you on any other opportunities we see for your business.

And all of this only happens if...

would highly recommend him...

It was a pleasure working with Grey...I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to promote their brand and reach the right type of customer

Suanne Bonan  Officiant NYC LLC |

We decide mutually that we're a good fit, and if you decide you want to be a client.

And if that's the case...

Our Campaign Management Services start at $1000 a month with a three month commitment.


You should know that this is not a sales pitch in disguise !

In fact if...

At the end of our conversation (where we build you that custom blueprint),  you decide we've wasted your time

I'll immediately give you $100 as compensation !

No strings attached.

But their is a "CATCH"

We can't help everyone  :-(

In order for us to do this for you, you must meet this strict but reasonable criteria.

First you must have a legitimate business.

That means no "get rich quick" schemes... 

No porn... 

No "hate" related items and nothing that's out of compliance with standard regulations.

Finally you need to have forward momentum.

This means you're currently advertising...

 - You're currently getting traffic

 - You're making sales

 - And you simply want more!

That's it

So if that sounds interesting to you here's what to do next.

Click on the below button and you'll be taken to a short form.

It's nothing intrusive, takes about 30 seconds to fill out and simply helps me prepare for our session together.

Next you'll hear from me or one of my team members to get you on the schedule for a call with my office.

After we talk and we go over your blueprint one of these 3 things will happen...

The first possibility is you love the blueprint and decide to build everything by yourself.

If that's the case we'll be thrilled you're happy and wish you the best of luck.

The next possibility is you love your blueprint and want us to build your campaign for you and implement everything.

If that's the case we'll get started immediately and we'll setup a time to meet with you as well.

The third scenarion which has never actually happened... 

You tell us we've wasted your time and that the blueprint wasn't helpful at all.

We'll immediately give you $100 to compensate you for your time.

So clearly you have nothing to lose by having us create a customized marketing plan for you, using our proprietary Competitive Intelligence Platform.

And that's why you should click the link below to get started today !

Whatever you decide to do you're in the drivers seat !

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